Cocoa Pancakes

Cocoa Pancakes are an easy and delicious way to get your breakfast chocolate fix, along with a side of fruit, of course!

Plate of Cocoa Pancakes

A while back I promised to tell you my favorite recipe from the Penzeys spice catalog.  They have published a seasonal catalog for just about forever that features recipes and stories about people who love to cook, in addition to more spices than you could ever imagine.

I have that recipe for you today.  

Cocoa Pancakes.

Four cocoa pancakes cooking on a griddle

These are not your tall stack of fluffy, as big as your plate pancakes.  They are thin, almost crêpe like, chocolaty rounds just waiting to be topped, or filled if you so choose, with all your favorites.

It was a feature in a Valentine’s issue many years ago. Pouring the batter into heart-shaped molds added a special touch.  Mornings don’t get better than chocolate pancake batter studded with mini chocolate chips. When the chocolate chips melt they leave a flower-like pattern on the pancake.

Cocoa pancake with a flower decoration on its surface

This recipe came to be a family favorite because of Miss Scarlet.  

Before Miss Scarlet decided she was too old for birthday slumber parties, this was what she requested for breakfast on those mornings after only a few hours sleep, and several trips by Professor Plum telling them to be quiet   🙂  .  

Cocoa Pancakes

Pancakes, strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles.  Breakfast heaven to a group of squirrely, giggly 10-year-old girls.    I think they went through just about a whole can of Cool Whip on those birthday mornings.  Notice that the birthday girl has her juice in a special glass   🙂   . 

It had been several years since we had made these and with Miss Scarlet now turning 17, we revisited Cocoa Pancakes for another birthday breakfast.  

Happy Birthday, Miss Scarlet.  May you never outgrow cocoa pancakes with strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate syrup and sprinkles.  As a matter of fact, I think that is what will keep you young!


[yumprint-recipe id=’10’]This is one of my favorite songs to listen to on those relaxes weekend mornings when I am making breakfast.

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