Homemade For The Holidays

Gifts from the kitchen for giving and sharing

Homemad For The Holidays Candied citrus pel

Have you ever had a holiday where your list of people to buy gifts for did not equal the amount of money available in the budget?  

Or do you try to avoid spending time in crowded malls and stores at this time of year?  I just come away empty-handed and with a headache.  I turn into a real Scrooge.  So not worth it.  🙁

I get so turned off by all the commercialism around the holidays.  The spirit of Christmas is something to be celebrated everyday and not just one day a year.  Why is it that store merchandise is one price on December 25, and 24 hours later it gets marked down drastically?  What happened in 24 hours to justify this? Marketing.  I know people who postpone their holiday celebrations until after Christmas so they can hit all the good sales.  Call it what you will.  I call it crazy and want no part of it.

homemade for the Holidays Chocolate Crunch

What to do?

As a food lovin’ gal I said to myself  “I can make stuff for people”.  I like to cook. I can bake.  People need to eat and drink. Given a choice between spending time in my cozy warm kitchen and a crowded shopping mall the kitchen will win every time.  So this is what I have done for many years now.  

And now I want to share some of my past creations with you and try out some new things.  I have made everything from liqueurs to popcorn; also, seasoned nuts, caramels, home-brewed beer, granola, biscotti, mustard and that is the short list.

Homemade For The Holidays Bottle and glass of Limoncello

They are that you can make ahead and will keep well.  

Many could be used as hostess gifts or would be good to have in your own kitchen for when friends pop in.

I hope these inspire you to give gifts from the kitchen and maybe add a few to your own holiday favorites.

What are your favorite homemade gifts to give and receive?

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