Food Feuds

With all the  information bombarding us these days it seems things are constantly changing.  What is good for you one day is unhealthy the next. There are new studies that contradict old studies.  What is a food-lovin’ person to believe?

I thought it would be interesting to track some of the health related stories I come across related to constantly evolving topics and let you decide for yourself.

My personal philosophy is anything in moderation.  And variety is the spice of life.  And let common sense prevail.

Time  March 17, 2014  Uh Oh, Unsaturated Fats May Not Be As Good As We Thought

Spry  January 17, 2014  Is Microwave Popcorn Bad For You?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  December 6, 2013  Butter industry is on a roll as natural-foods trend meets holiday demand

St. Paul Pioneer Press  November 21, 2013  Study ties nuts to lower cancer, heart death risk

Reuters  November 20, 2013  Eating nuts tied to fewer cancer, heart disease deaths

USA Today  November 20, 2013  Perk up: Coffee may help blood vessels work better

The Columbian  November 18, 2013  Coconut oil is the latest food trend offering health claims

Supermarket Guru November 6, 2013  Saturated Fat, A Dietary Villain No More?

Supermarket Guru November 4 2013 Top 5 Reasons Not To Go Gluten Free

Los Angeles Times October 22, 2013  Time To End The War Against Saturated Fat?

St. Paul Pioneer Press September 27, 2013 The Truth About Zero Calorie Sweeteners

The Salt September 26, 2013  Why Can’t Fish Oil Supplements Keep Our Brains Sharp?

St. Paul Pioneer Press August 30, 2013 Here’s Milk News That’ll Shake You Up

Chicago Tribune August 11,2013 What’s wrong with fruit juices and smoothies?

Food, Nutrition and Science  July 31, 2013  Red Meat and Diabetes Risk

Las Vegas Review Journal  July 28, 2013 Nutrition: Here’s the beef about protein

Chicago Tribune  July 26, 2013  Tea’s health benefits exist, but many claims remain cloudy  July 1, 2013  Milk does a body good?

Cosmopolitan March 2013 The Truth About Juice

Reuters February 19, 2013 Diet drinks may not fuel your appetite

SFGate February 14, 2013 Alcohol said to have big role in cancer

More Magazine September 2012 (Almost) Everything You Know About Saturated Fat Is Wrong






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