Vacation Food

Sunset on Squaw lake

Minocqua, Wisconsin

What type of vacations do you take?  Are you on the go and taking in the sights or relaxing and taking a break from your everyday life?

I think there is a difference between traveling and vacationing.  Traveling is taking a trip to a new destination, an unfamiliar place, to see the sights and explore.  Often one needs a vacation when home from traveling.   :-)

A vacation is going somewhere and taking a break from your normal routine.  

I am more of a vacationer than a traveler.  There are a couple of favorite places we like to go and rent a cabin on a lake for a few days.  There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying your morning coffee soaking in the sun and listening to the sound of the waves.

Chairs on the beach

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Miss Scarlet loves it when we go on vacation.  One of her favorite things to do is going to the grocery store.  She gets to pick out all the food that I don’t buy at home.  And waaay too much.  We usually end up coming home with more food than we brought with!

Frozen pizza. Yep.

Cinnamon rolls in a can.  One of her favorites, but it has to be the Grands® variety.

Refrigerated cookie dough.  Usually Toll House® chocolate chip.

Ice Cream.  Chocolate sauce. Reddi-wip®. Frozen waffles.  Of course. 

We have been known to eat waffles with ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream for breakfast.

Graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows.

I have often said I could live on bread, cheese, olives and fruit.  On vacation I often do.

Give me some Greek Gods® Honey yogurt and some fresh fruit and I am happy.  And I have been known to pack a box of Grape-Nuts® and some flax-seed. Some habits are hard to give up.   :-)  

Minocqua Moon

Minocqua Moon

















I have a confession to make.  When we go on vacation, I take a vacation from cooking.

I don’t like cooking in unfamiliar kitchens.

With unfamiliar utensils.

On unfamiliar equipment.

When we have attempted to grill on vacation it has not been successful.  Do the vents on the bottom stay open or closed?  What about the top?  How long for the coals to get ready?  Is it done yet?  There have been many meals that started on the grill and ended up in the oven due to our inexperience.  We did have success one year with grilling pizzas with dough I brought from home. I would rather prepare my meal inside, then go start a fire on the beach to roast marshmallows and make s’mores.

This is my once a year s’more eating extravaganza. I have one or two and I have had enough until next year.  But I love roasting marshmallows.  How do you like yours?  Crispy brown or charcoaly black?  I like mine toasty brown, sticky and gooey.  No flaming marshmallows for me.  Although it is fun to watch them burn.  What is it about fire that is so mesmerizing?  I could stare into those colorful flames for hours.

Professor Plum also gets a vacation.  From washing dishes.  Where we stay there is usually a dishwasher, which is another appliance that is somewhat of a challenge, but easily managed.

Everyone is happy.

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

 Now it’s your turn.  What type of vacations do you take?  What kind of meals do you eat?  

In closing, a favorite vacation song.

 As always,  thanks for stopping by, and please visit often.

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